Friday, July 30, 2010

the 'Dyosa' [Goddess]

i remember it like it was yesterday. i am at my second year in college, you were in your third. we became classmates at one subject and frankly, you didn't make a good impression on me. or probably i was just seeing you as a competition seeing how outspoken you are. smart. composed.

then we became groupmates for community outreach program which was staged in Imus, Cavite. i am the Campaign Director and you're my deputy. i didn't like the idea at first since am not comfortable with you around. don't get me wrong. it's just that i barely know you. plus, you were friends with our class' worst nemesis, so there. yeah, am prejudiced.

but i didn't know you were that cool. you're ideas caught me unexpectedly. you're a passionate actor. eloquent. a leader.

i noticed we have so much in common. same passion with media and the arts. you're a good actor, i think am a good director. you sing well, i am a musician. i didn't expect us to be friends. my partner in crime. coz unlike the others, you are always brave enough to tell me straight to my face whenever am wrong, you won't spoil me.

the entire semester ended quickly. and while i contacted gastritis due to that project, i luckily gained many new friends. and that includes you.

we parted ways. you graduated ahead of me, obviously, and just as i had suspected, you were brilliant in the actual field. you landed at our dream network. you worked with the top minds of television honchos. your name became synonymous to hardwork and creativity [according to a famous director]

then came my time to leave the academe for the real world. thank God, i got in with the same network you did. we're now in a same family.

i was rushing then, running to get to the other building. and as i swipe my access badge, there you were at the other end. i barely recognize you then. your skin is burnt. you were very thin and dark circles are very much visible in your eyes. i said, how are you? you replied, busy much. i continue, anong show mo? you answered, yung kay direk **** parin. si ***** parin ang bida. kaw, meron na? i shrugged and said, hopefully. sorry, i gotta go. see you around, you said. and with that you waved goodbye.

that was the last time we talked. so imagine how i felt, when i heard the news. i was submitting my papers and other requirements on HR then. they were talking about a guy. a production assistant who contacted a broncho pneumonia at the course of work. and to my horror, i found out that it was you. and the worst, is that you already left. you left us. you left us forever.

it's almost a year now. and i am thinking, with our last encounter, if you've told me then you were in great pain, i would've hugged you. tell you how grateful i am for being your friend. that i'm sorry am prejudiced at our first meeting. and that i would advise you to stop. to leave the job we both dreamed off then back in college. to find a job where you have to clock in at a certain time then at some point after 8 hours or so, pack your bags then head home to rest, yearning for the next rest day to come.

but who are we kidding. we both know we don't want that. or probably we both thought we don't want that. oh, how we anticipate those days when we won't sleep three days straight, kissing the asses of those wannabes whose college credentials could not even match ours. or the warm touch of countless lights as they flash on you as you dozed off waiting for the set-up to finish. or the weight of several DVC Pros and mini DVs [of course we are using XD Cam Discs now] as you hugged them with your arms wishing it were pillows.

sometimes i wish you didn't have to. sometimes i wish we didn't have to. if only this world of ours is kinder. or gentler. or more compassionate and a bit caring. then maybe, you didn't have to leave so early. no. you didn't have to...


Kuya RC,

It's almost a year now, yet the pain of losing you is still imminent. May you now find rest and solace that this world has stolen from you for so many years. Alam ko, kasama mo na ngayon ang tunay mong mga kapamilya. Forgive us. It's just that, we miss you so much.


 "Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same."
-unknown author

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my-so-called-Quest said...

awww. i know he's in a happy place now.
i'll include RC in my prayers tonight.

kaya ikaw kung may nararamdaman ipatingin ha. wag pasaway.

Guyrony said...

Learn the lesson of mortality.

For we will always be reminded of it.

Désolé Boy said...

@ced<<opo doc. =)

Désolé Boy said...

right. thanks guyrony!

Mu[g]en said...

"Woe to us who suffer from the memory of being left behind."

- Anonymous.

arkin said...

i hope he's happy now.

bronchopneumonia that early? he must be very immunocompromised

soltero said...

may he rest in peace...

sleep sleep get lots of sleep...
heed ur daddy's reminder, des :P

parteeboi said...

I just also lost a friend... pneumonia too... too sad... :(

maginoongbulakenyo said...

mas masaya na siya ngayon kung na saan man siya...walng ng paghihirap.

Hello fellow bulakenyo!!! kaway kaway!!!!


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