Friday, July 23, 2010

Désolé Daddy(?)

i always say, i don't like kids. i hate their tantrums (coz my tantrums are worse) and am sooo very impatient, perfect, yes? so imagine my surprise when people would often tell me am really good with kids and that i would make someone lucky by being a good dad. i wouldn't buy the idea.

but there was this one time back in college, it was the university foundation week and i was really having fun when a very cute kid suddenly appeared on my side. he was very cute. i saw a great deal of myself in him, well, judging from my baby pictures. and besides, pareho kameng may mahabang buntot sa buhok.

the kid turned out to be my classmate's son. i don't know how it happened but i just found myself baby sitting the brat for three consecutive days. my classmates were very envious coz the kid won't go and play with them. we're inseparable. i was weirdly shocked of the connection he had with me that he threw tantrums when his mother tried to take him for lunch (as i was about to dine with my barkada). and so to save the kid from further tears, i said it's okay and i thought i can take him for lunch.

 first, i admit, i wasn't liking the idea that i'm brat sitting instead running all around campus committing crimes, which are legal since it's foundation week. i just noticed that i was slightly, alright i admit, i was highly enjoying the kid's company. i just saw myself making weird noises and gestures just to make him laugh and would even spend my allowance just to buy him food and other whatnots he would see.

day one ended with great effort telling the kid to go home with her mom and that he could come again tomorrow and we'll play whatever he wants. the next day, i was fed with tales from his mother on how she had to endure the whole night hearing my name non-stop. i glowed with pride.

three days ended quickly. after the foundation week, the usual classes returned. for our subject, our professor tasked us to pick two personal belongings that we're carrying right at that moment, then think of two important persons in the room that we would gladly give the chosen items. i picked a treasured ticket in my wallet of my very first young musician competition in CCP and a rosary which i always carry in my pocket. i gave them to two of my bests friends.

then came ate rhea's (the kid's mom) turn. if you're expecting she's gonna give me one of her two items, then you're right [and wrong at the same time. you'll see]. but me, i wasn't expecting it that time to be honest. we're not even friends and the idea was really just not fitting with the way we interact then.

she started her speech. hindi pa nya niri-reveal nung una kung sino yung pagbibigyan niya. sabi niya (am trying to drag out the exact words she used here from my memory bank), she will forever be indebted and grateful daw sa taong pagbibigyan niya nung item niya. as a mother daw, her son is not just the most important person in her life. he was her very own life. and for her son to be treated with such special care that i gave, no mother in this world won't be happier and be more than thankful. and that that person would always remain special sa kanilang mag-ina. here, tears begun trickling down her face, she ran to my seat and hugged me tight, her voice broke as he whisper thank you on my ears in which in all powers i could summon, i tried pushing back all the tears racing to be out only to find out they would betray me as the whole room exploded with such emotional claps.

she then apologized to our professor and said she won't be able to give the other item to any other person in the room. with this, she handed me her son's feeding bottle and baby cologne.

i still think don't like kids. but memories like this bring me to a future where i have my own son, tirelessly playing basketball and running with him in the park. being the father who's always around, which i never had. being the father that he could look up to. a figure of authority but with comfort. a sense of security and a friend who will always be there.

just so you know, we managed to maintain communication, although we very seldom exchange messages now since the fall of friendster. once, ate rhea and his husband invited me to their hometown in tarlac for RD's birthday but i never made it. RD's 7 years old now (i planned to post a picture of him here kaya lang hindi pa ko nakakapagpaalam sa mom nya, so saka na lang) and her mom's currently working in Dubai.
"Fish said: I can't see my tears 'cause I'm in the water. Water said: I can feel your tears 'cause you're in my heart.
-taken from Wanggo Gallaga's blog

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Guyrony said...

Simply beautiful. Like the kid, like the mother, like the blogger.

Pipo said...

I don't like kids too. I hate them. I despise them. Pero for some reason, kids seem to like me. Ugh.

Pipo said...

ay teka. benta saken comment ni mr. guyrony. hahaha

Désolé Boy said...

@guyrony<<wow, coming from you...very flattering. thanks!

@pipo<<pareho tau..hehe

Nimmy said...

wow. same tayo.

i am also not fond of kids, pero for some weird reason lagi akong inaattack ng mga bagets sa mga party. hihi :)

Mu[g]en said...

I have always known I would never have a kid of my own so when given a chance to look after one, (usually a single mom friend's tyke) I do my best not only to look after the kid but protect the child at all cost.

This entry of yours has just made me one of your avid readers. Ang galing.

paci said...

ako agaw-tingin sa mga bata, lalo na mga toddler..which made me think that i should try early childhood education but then i stopped myself. baka gawin ko silang mga lady gagita. =)

i so like this post. touching.

my-so-called-Quest said...

naks naman. sabi nila kids are attracted to good looking people. hehehe. ibig sabihin... :P

pero that's very sweet. sana mameet mo pa rin yung bata soon. :D

so gusto mo na magkababy? :)

Nimmy said...

ahem ahem. aun na!

soltero said...

ahahaha AHEM na rin..gagaya ako ke NImmy! ahahahah..shit ang sweet nila ano NIms? ehehe :P

wv: jokings (no i'm not)

Nimmy said...

korik ka Soltero. ang tamis tamis!!!! ahihi

orallyours said...

awww sweet!

iurico said...

makiki-AHEM na rin ako. Potah! puro kilig ang laman ng blogsphere ngayon!!!

iurico said...

Regarding the post, I'm the opposite.

I looooooove kids.

imsonotconio said...

this is touching i like this!

you're a good person and writer at the same time

Désolé Boy said...

@nimmy<<maybe we both look like a clown, yes?kidding..

@mu[g]en<<wow!isa ka pa! am hyperventilating yata sa comment mo. am sooooo flattered. maraming maraming salamat. u're one of my idols sa pagsusulat.

@paci<<waaa, lady gagita. anyway thanks!

@doc ced<<not even an ounce of good looks. kaw nga dyan eh, cute na nga pa-cute pa, lol.

and yeah, gs2 ko na magkaanak. but not now. pag stable na job ko at wala ng sakit (alam mo yan doc)

@soltero/nimmy<<wala bang panama ang magic sugar?lol.kau talaga. ang bibilis ng andar ng mga greenminds nyo, hehe

@orally<<wahhhh. la ako masabi. libre mo din ako ng desserts, haha

@iurico<<mag-asawa ka na para may sarili ka ng kid(s)

@conio<<grabe. salamat po ng marami sa pag-like

Eternal Wanderer... said...

i'm struck speechless.

Désolé Boy said...

@eternal<<aww, is that a good thing or a bad thing??thanks anyway!!

JP said...

in time magkakaroon din tayo ng mga juniors natin without their mothers. haha!

i love this post! :)

Alterjon said...

woah, this is good. stardom.


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