Monday, June 21, 2010

The Race

Let me tell you a story. 

You might think you know the story but there's something to the story that you might not know of.  I don't know.  Just read and let me know if you knew.

The Tortoise and the Hare decided to go on a race, right?  For whatever silly reasons animals decide to go on a race.  Quite a few animals got excited, wanting to see who would actually win, so they gathered around to watch.

One of the other animals called out the countdown and at 3, both the Hare and the Tortoise ran as fast as they could. 

Naturally, the Hare had run so far that he could not see the Tortoise behind him.  And that sudden outburst of energy had tired him a bit so he decided to take a rest.  He went to the side and fell fast asleep.

The Tortoise continued to trudge on.  He ran and ran and ran and, though it was slow, he eventually passed the sleeping Hare and almost reached the finish line when the Hare woke up, panicked and began his run but it was too late.  The Tortoise had crossed the finish line and had won the race.

We know that story, right?  We heard it since we were kids.

But here's the thing.  Here's the little secret that they never told anyone.

The Hare wasn't asleep.  Yes, he stopped running, found a nice warm patch of soft grass and lay down but he wasn't asleep.  He just pretended to sleep.

Yup, he pretended to sleep.

The Hare didn't want to win.  He just wanted to race with the Tortoise.  They were almost side-by-side by the finish line but he let the Tortoise win. 

He didn't need to race, he knew he was faster.  The race proved nothing.  The Hare just wanted to be in the race with the Tortoise.

Do you know this story now?

This is a repost from somewhere I couldn't remember anymore. Let me know if it is from you.

2 reaction(s):

caloy said...

the hare is nuts (maybe) i cant seem to find the logical explanation of the hare pretending to sleep. or maybe i just cant analyze things? hahaha

Dhon said...

i think the hare is a kind hearted one! he didn't need to prove anything.. :) we all know who is faster.. he just wanted the tortoise to win because he felt that it's not easy carrying your house wherever you go!


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