Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Party and Partey

in the words of one of my musical influence, the great Freddie Mercury: "I just gotta get out of this prison cell, one day am goin' to be free, Lord."


jaunting one blog after another, reading stuff of numerous storytellers as they recount the latest happenings of their fabulous gay life, made me feel left out and envious.

tales of dark room escapades and the flamboyant display of 'male bonding' in the middle of the sea of half naked men inside Malate's bluebars create a tingling stir around my groin.

di pa ko nakarating sa Malate. that certain strip full of clubs that cater to us men who seek our own kind has always been a stranger to me. always my curiosity. ni hindi ko nga alam kung pa'no pumunta dun eh. but i am always reminded of this passage in Louie Mar's book Orosa-Nakpil Malate:
"Kapag bading ka at hindi ka pa nakakatuntong ng Orosa-Nakpil, hindi pa ganap ang pagiging bakla mo."
judging from that statement, hindi pa pala ganap ang pagkabading ko.

considered by many, it is home to every gay man living within the perimeter of the metropolis...or probably the entire mega manila. the gay Mecca, except for holy week that is Puerto Gaylera.

gustong-gusto kong makapunta dun just to see how people like me connect with one another, in a place [they say] away from the prying eyes of prudish people stuck in their own Victorian Era. although, some may argue that Malate is getting lesser in its claim as the core of gay partyphiles now that there's Farenheit, Palawan Bars, Government etc. away from that corner of Orosa-Nakpil, to our predecessors,  Malate will always be the Liberty Avenue of this third world!

i want to feel that gay thumpa thumpa am seeing from Queer as Folk. i said before as i watch the series, never that those wild scenarios would be a reality here. i guess i am mistaken [base sa mga kwento ninyo, fellow bloggers] drugs, sex orgies, promiscuity...it is here. the glitter of them is just so enticing to ignore.

but don't get me wrong! it's not that am too much of a dork to party all night, heavily drunk with a mind too high to drive home. no. i party at clubs and bars. and like you, dances my heart out at the middle of the dance floor [and ledge] till my stamina would permit me. pero dun lang around Eastwood. sa Metrowalk. sa The Fort. dati sa Embassy. sa Guilly's at White Avenue na malapit sa ABS-CBN. 'straight' scene. 'straight' bars. clubs where i would hang out with my girl friends and few buddies. dancing and flirting with girls while eyeing the hot guy next to me in my most discreet technique so as not to alarm him.

i have gay friends. but the closests to me are as naive and inexperienced as me in gay parties. we would often talk about it, trying to hatch a plan when we would finally break thru the walls of 'straight scene' to party with people like us. but then we managed to survive university life, landed in the professional world and still nothing happens.

why am i dying to experience this?

for one, i want to meet people who are certain of their sexuality. my notion is that for someone to be out there partyin' at Malate, that person already admits to himself his real identity, waving it proudly on his sleeves.

second is of course the pleasure of it. there can be no higher satisfaction than partying in a place that you're very comfortable in. and besides, it should be fun dancing with your fellows coz admit it guys, we are waaaay better dancer than them straights, no?

third reason would be that three letter monosyllabic word -sex. orgies, darkrooms..name it. i said to myself, i am going to experience all these [and them].

not that am about to be as promiscuous and careless as the next guy. no. i still know my limitations and i think i already know how to take care of myself. [errr, i think so]

its just that, i am afraid to get old with all the regrets, living an aged life full of fantasies of 'what-ifs.' i mean, we are only young as the next day comes and i want to enjoy my youth to its fullness at the same time being responsible and cautious of what lies ahead in the future.

we all know how curiosity killed the meowing cat and damn if i'd be killed, i just knew i have to take a glimpse of how nightlife is goin' on at that other side of the Metro. maybe i need to join a certain group of friends who frequently patrol the streets of Malate? or probably just drag my entire barkada to take an educational trip there? or just take the plunge alone and discover its secret myself!

am sure that one day i can muster that courage, pull out my hottest shirt and pants from the closet, put on my dancing shoes and who knows, i might be the next guy you'll bump into the next weekend you're out there partyin'.

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Nimmy said...

i've only been to malate 3 times. gaylala everywhere.

here is a blogger that goes there every month. maybe he can be your tour guide. :)


Mu[g]en said...

Unahan na lang kung sino ang makakapagdala sayo dun. Hehehe. Its a fun place! If I get to be that person, 8 years ng history of Orosa-Nakpil ang matututunan mo mula sakin. Hahaha!

As for those guys who have girlfriend, bi, etc, let them be. We are entitled to our own label.

Désolé Boy said...


@Mu[g]en>>thanks for the reminder..sabi nga ni Ricky Lee, may karapatan ang bawat sa isa kung ano man ang gutso niyang itawag sa sarili niya. hehe..galeng-galeng..

anyway..i would love to hear that 8 years history of orosa-nakpil!

Nicos said...

Same here... Di pa ako nakakatapak ng Malate. Never pa... :)

anteros' dominion said...

hindi pala ako nagiisa sa mundo natin na hindi pa nakararating sa malate

mabuti ka pa, may mga nagyaya sa iyong dalhin ka ruon

at oo, pareho tayong fascinated sa buhay na napanunuod sa queer as folk

whenever i feel down, i watch queer as folk hoping mahahawa ako ng saya ng ng mundong ginagalawan nila

imsonotconio said...

if u want well go there together

just msg me hehehe ill show you around

Guyrony said...

Joel Macaventa, Mu[g]en, John Stan, Discreet Manila, Kane, Chronicles of E, and Aris, are some of the bloggers who go there for a night out. I'm sure they would love to have you around. Just message them.

Oh yeah, Guyrony too. Although seldom.

Have fun! And play safe tiger!

Désolé Boy said...

nahiya akong bigla. pramis..haha

thank u guys!!i think it would be crazy if we can all go out together..hehe (it sounds sooo cheezy..but nice though!)

engel said...

been to malate only once, a looong time ago. and while there are days i'm curious about what's out there, i think i can live without that knowledge.

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

idk why but i've never been a fan of the place. actually i do pero i'm sure kaya ko naman if i really want to. siguro i just enjoy straight bars more. :D

SOLTERO said...

i've never been there too...kahit na pag bumibisita ako sa pinas, i don't haha...kahit dito nga sa West Hollywood, 2x pa lang ako nakapunta (one time merong gus2 samin ng friend ko 3some kmi bwahah, the 2nd time me bumakod sa aking young japanese dude lols) :P

Anonymous said...

ive been to malate pero hindi sa mga gay clubs there.

never pa akong nakatuntong sa mga gay bars dun bilang hindi ko alam ang dahilan. siguro katulad mo walang pagkakataon? ay meron pala, marami naginvite sa akin kaso mas pinili kong idecline bilang natatakot ako dahil baka maculture shock ako. may ganung factor.

oh well, opinyon ko, hindi naman kabawasan ng pagkabading ang di pagtungtong sa Orosa-Nakpil :)

Kane said...

Désolé Boy,

As your name suggests, you don't want to be désolé forever and "get old with all the regrets".

I always tell people who have never been to Malate, "It's just a club. Relax."

After trying it out, maybe you'll discover it's not for you, or maybe it is. But how will you ever know unless you take that first step? =)

@Guyrony: Guyrony naman! Do we announce that I go there for a night out? Hahaha.

Guyrony said...

It's our (and I mean the whole blogosophere) little secret. ;)

Walk, walk, fashion baby...

Jake said...

Two words: Have fun!

(Just be careful, though.)

I enjoyed Malate during my younger years but I've outgrown it now. My "married" life also prevents me from re-tracing my roots there.

Pero astig talaga ang buhay Malate. Kahit ang nightlife slash gay scene sa San Francisco walang sinabi.


Yj said...

so hintayin ko nalang ang post ni Aris tungkol sayo ha.... hahahahaha joke lang....

Kane said...

@YJ: Tawa ako ng tawa sa hirit mo!!! Hahaha. Aris o, wina wakwak ka.

@Guyrony: Hahaha. As they say, what's the use of a secret if no one knows it?

Désolé Boy said...

i think it would be an honor..ending up on Aris's post..haha

Kane said...

Désolé Boy,

Be careful what you wish for. Hahahaha... You just might ... get it.

arkin said...

ouch ah.haha. ako na ang dork na nakatira sa malate pero never nagparty sa orosa-nakpil. haha

Ewan said...

Boy oh boy...

i've been to malate/sermita several times pero hindi sa mga hangout ng gays/bis/... partying is really not my cup to tea... lalo pa ang tumambay sa nakpil ba yun...

anyway dami nga nating kalahi dun.. i remember nung inumaga ako paguwi.. dumaan yung jeep along taft.. ayun bonggang bonggang nagtatawiran ang mga beki... ang dami dami parang galing concert or something... sinikatan na ng araw..

they seemed happy naman so i guess mageenjoy ka run... balitaan mo nlng kami pagnakarampa ka na dun boy... tapos sama mo ko next time hehehhe


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