Friday, June 4, 2010

blow your candles baby bro

"California sunlight - sweet Calcutta rain - Honolulu starbright - the song remains the same."
-Led Zeppelin

today is little bro's birthday. but due to many complications on his part, we celebrated it earlier yesterday.

i'm actually not aware of his birth date, but thanks to Facebook notifications, i am informed Wednesday morning and so i immediately planned something special for him.

first on the list: gift. sobrang hirap pumili ng gift. this has been a constant challenge for me, probably because i always wanted people to be pleased. or maybe my natural fickle mind is always at work, that's why. tapos may raket pa ko till 6pm sa ABS-CBN so san naman ako dun hahanap ng pwedeng i-regalo, di ba? sa totoo lang, tumingin din ako ng pwedeng bilin sa Studio Tours pero nakornihan ako kasi puro ABS-CBN memorabilia ang nandun. payong, bag, mugs, ballpen, t-shirt and jacket. lahat may logo ng ABS-CBN. naisip ko magmumukha siyang TFC subscriber pag yun ang binigay ko.

good thing his review class was extended to 7pm so I managed to stroll around Grand Central Mall in great hurry. i grabbed the cutest mail man's bag from Bench and have it wrapped in a nearby gift store. bakit Bench? pansin ko lang na mahilig 'tong si Baby Bro sa Bench. cologne, shirt, pants, hankies...ewan ko lang sa undies ha. lahat talaga puro Bench.

anyway, we met exactly 7pm at Victory Liner Bus Terminal since ang alam nya eh sabay lang kami uuwi ng Bulacan. there he was, already in line for the ride. i approached him, hug him and greet him Happy Birthday. his reactions when i handed him my gift while telling him am taking him out for dinner were precious! gulat na gulat ang loko. 

adik ka talaga, ba't me gan'to pa! paulit-ulit nyang sinasabi yan kahit sakay na kame ng taxi papuntang Greenbelt.

bakit sa Greenbelt pa? college pa kasi ko nung huling napunta ko sa Greenbelt and nabanggit din nya saken na 2nd year college pa din sya nung last na napunta siya dun. so from Caloocan, dinayo talaga namen ang Greenbelt.

the long ride was worth it. we both look like innocent kids in a newly built playground. everything just seem to fall in their right places. astig ng view! yan ang pareho naming nasabi.

first, we dropped by at the chapel for a short prayer, then went straight to this restaurant called Myron's Place. nag-iinarte pa nung una 'tong si little bro at mahal daw dun, okay na daw siya sa McDonalds. pumayag din naman in the end. ang arte ba?

and so we enjoyed the food while talking about NBA and how I won the bet courtesy of Kobe and the rest of the Lakers bunch (pero aminin nyo, si Kobe talaga ang nagpanalo..hehe)

as we wander around the area, the conversation continues with his hands on my shoulders. this time, i felt it was different. we talked about so many serious stuffs. our respective family situations and dramas, dreams...even frustrations. love failures, of course. we even discovered that we're both victims of sexual harassment during college. words float in a different trance. and at that moment, we knew...

that we can't be more than anything beyond this. that doing so would just ruin all these beautiful things we're currently sharing. the knowing is now mutual. parameters already set. this is the night of confirmation for both of us.

a concrete affirmation that i earned myself an adorable loving baby brother. and him, a supportive understanding big bro. solid. certain. definite. final.

as i greet him again via phone call exactly 12 midnight, he thanked me for the present and everything i did for his birthday. his last words were simple yet still making my heart swell up to now, containing that exact word summing up all these...

"thanks kuya."

[sa mga medyo nasusuya na sa posts ko about Francis pasensya na po..hehe..cut me (and him) some slack here guys..birthday naman nya eh..hehe..peace!]

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Pipo said...


arkin said...

wow can i just say na that's a very very brave thing to do. parang everything is so perfect you don't want to ruin it. na what's more important is that he'll be there forever as your friend. you really value your baby brother huh. too bad he likes bench. lol

Eternal Wanderer... said...

lovers are transient, but real friends are always there.

trust you me ;)

SOLTERO said...

this is a beautiful post..

just don't complicate matters by crossing the lines of friendship - kasi nakita ko sa post mo na may swetness factor na kayo e hahah..magpigil!!

and naku, ung "kuya kuya"na yan, hayysssst..ahahha :P

Désolé Boy said...


@arkin>>exactly my thoughts(too bad he likes bench. lol)

@eternal>>love what u said

@soltero>>yaw mu ng kuya-kuya??hehe..

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

i just finished reading the last post. sorry icocontradict ko sarili ko haha i guess in this case, we can understand your decisions. sayang lnag. you painted such a nice picture of him. :D

Mu[g]en said...

It is your journey dude. Bakit naman kami masasawa. Ang sweet mo nga na kuya eh. =)

shenanigans said...

hang sweet naman!.. hihi

Master Yam -mr.smasher- said...

super duper like...sana kaw na lang naging kuya ko.. ang bait mo,kahit di mo po sya kadugo vnavalue mo pa rin sya as litttle bro. .

Viktor Saudad said...

ang sweet :) i like how things turned out. But this was a year ago...uhm, ano na latest sa inyo ni baby bro? :)


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